Apple Scribe Printer

From: Chris <>
Date: Wed Dec 19 10:27:23 2001

I aquired an Apple Scribe printer last night (went back to the Thrift
Store and they hadn't repriced it, so I asked, and the guy let me have it
for $2).

It worked briefly, it printed the first 4 lines of a test pattern and
then jammed.

It looks like it may just need to be greased (the print carriage is
really hard to slide by hand, but not so hard that I am hitting motor
resistance, I just think after all these years, the guide bar may have
dried up enough).

But, before I get into opening it and regreasing it... I was seeing if
anyone had a manual for it and can tell me what the blinking light
indicates. When I turn it on, the Select Light blinks in patterns of
three (three blinks, pause, three blinks, pause...).

I did a quick google search, didn't turn up much (but found some places
to buy a new ribbon, and found a few "museum" listings for it). Apple's
TIL also didn't cover the lights (but has some control info so I can see
if I can get it to work with one of my computers).

Finally, does anyone know if there was ever a Mac driver for it? Or if
the Imagewriter driver will work with it? Apple's TIL seemed to indicate
it was just for the Apple II series (they leaned towards talking about
the IIc in conjunction with it, but since everything seemed to say the
application in use is what drives it, I would think just about any Apple
II with a serial card should be able to work with it).

I do know the archives showed someone else on the list found one of these
back in June, but there wasn't much said about it.


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