More DEC cards Availiable Incl. Core

From: Ethan Dicks <>
Date: Wed Dec 19 11:48:24 2001

--- wrote:
> Since I have had some requests from dealers I went through my storage
> locker...

> Other Mfg. UNIBUS
> 1 Emulex CS2110203/F1E 16 Ch RS-232 Communications controller
> 1 Emulex CS2110203/F2B 16 Ch RS-232 Communications controller

Nice cards. I have several. We would stick 4-6 per 11/750 for terminals
for our office (developers and office workers, mostly - 1-3 serial lines
per desk). Depending on which PROMs are installed, they use the TT
driver or the TX driver under VMS. One board might be TXA0-7 and TXB0-7
as if it were two seperate DEC mux cards/backplanes. Can't help with
any jumper settings. We never changed them as long as I took care of
the VAXen. If you are lucky, you could drop one in and it'll be TXA and

We used homemade cables to interface them to Nevada Western RJ-11 modular
panels (pre-MMJ), but I *think* they are pin compatible with the DZ-11
breakout panels (EIA only, not 20mA, obviously)


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