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From: Doc <>
Date: Fri Dec 21 20:52:28 2001

On Fri, 21 Dec 2001, Zane H. Healy wrote:

> Try and find an RZ28 for your primary disk and put your swap on the RZ24.
> Might even be worthwhile to get two RZ28's for it. A 2GB disk like the RZ28
> will hold most stuff you need on a OpenVMS/VAX system. Shoot, I've got a
> really nice 10k RPM 9GB drive on my PWS433au for a system disk and even with
> all the software that's installed I still have tons of room for it (the data
> is all on RZ29's in a BA350).

I have a boxfull of 2-4.5G narrow SCSI drives. Will the 4000 & VMS deal
with a third-party drive OK?

> Does the VS4000/60 have a CD-ROM drive? If not something like a RRD42
> should suffice nicely. If you've access to someplace with a lot of old SCSI
> CD-ROM's, just look for one that supports 512-byte blocks. You need that to
> boot. Something like a TLZ06 4mm DAT drive would be a nice complement to
> the system as well.

It came without, but I've got a Jensen in the garage (DEC 2000/150AXP)
that may lose it's CD-ROM. IIRC, it's an RRD42, but it's been awhile
since that one was up. If I can find the mount rails and a face-plate,
I'll put the RRD42 in the VAX. Otherwise, I have a whole collection of
512-byte-aware drives in external enclosures. I've been playing with
RS/6000s for a long time. :)

> I've got a VS4000/60 it's an excellent system to have if you're most
> interested in running VMS on a VAX! BTW, if you want to expand your disk
> capacity a BA350 works great on one.

 What I really lack is detailed documentation. I like diagrams &
exploded views a lot.

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