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Date: Fri Dec 21 10:05:17 2001

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> Nice...I have a number 4D series machines myself. I haven't
> yet found a
> source for IRIX 4.0.5 and 5.3 for them tho :/

I have Irix 5.3 on CD-ROM, and have been assuming that will work for now. I
also have the original disks (two of them) in the machine.

> You can boot these machines with a dumb terminal on the first serial port.
> The serial ports have a different pinout then just about any other
> computer. I have a url with the info somewhere, and will look for it.

Yeah, but it's an SGI ;)

> I would recommend you have an electrician install a dedicated 20 amp
> circuit. These machines are meant to be breakered at 20 amps.
> I would not
> recommend sharing an existing major appliance circuit, since you might
> forget the computer is on and turn on the appliance.

I am kind of leaning towards that option. The only question is price. My
guess is it should certainly be less than $200 or so to have done, and
likely less than $100, depending on the work involved. That is a guess,

> holds the power switch. If you unscrew the retaining screw on
> the metal
> plate, it should slide out and have enough cable to set it on
> top of the
> machine.

I've taken a look at the card-cage, actually. From your description of VGX
graphics, it seems to me (not having the thing in front of me right now)
that I may have had too many boards. What are the chances the graphics have
been upgraded without changing the tags?



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