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Date: Sun Dec 23 14:49:25 2001

I fact, I have VMS on one drive (dka200) and NetBSD on another (dka100).
Dual-boot system works fine but for the interactive boot deal. NetBSD
works well and does a fair job as a nat router for my network. I don't
use it regularly, but I've clocked it at 300+Kbps.



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>On a side note, if you plan to run NetBSD there is a little known
>misfeature: it will frob something in the flash that the prom doesn't
>like, and forever after (until someone finds out what it's tweaking and
>fixes it) it will throw a non-fatal error in (IIRC) SYS, which will (or
>so I've been told-- I don't run this machine just now) keep it from
>booting automatically. Starting VMS doesn't seem to fix it, altho there
>seems to be no other impact.

Jeffrey S. Worley
Asheville, NC USA
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