Apple II serial number 2000?

From: Ernest <>
Date: Mon Dec 24 08:31:32 2001

I have an Apple II, serial number 2000. There is some question as to whether
or not this acurate so I thought that I would toss it out here and see if
any of you can verify it one way or the other. This is the first Apple II
computer that I've
really been able to work with so I'm not sure about all the different
revisions that Apple made to the A2, or what things to
look for that would indicate whether or not this board is old enough to be
serial number 2000.

One person told me that it is in fact, a revision 0 board, and the edge
connectors are unusual (?) but someone else (Sellam) mentioned that he
believed that Apple began the A2 series with serial number 2001 (a spin on
the 2001 movie.) I would like to hear if anyone has any thoughts or opinions
about it.

Me, I'm just happy to finally have a real Apple II, no matter what the
serial number is.

There are pictures of it on my web page at:

The pictures will expand to 640x480 if you click on the main images.


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