Apple II serial number 2000?

From: Michael Holley <>
Date: Mon Dec 24 13:05:01 2001

The Apple II computers started at serial number #1. When I was going to the
College of San Mateo in 1976 and 1977 I worked at a local computer store,
Allied Computer, run by Chet Harris. The owner was trying to set up a chain
like the Byte Shops and Computer Land. I got to meet some interesting people
then, like a field trip to Bill Godbout's where we met Bill and George

Chet had tried to interest Mike Markala in investing in his enterprise but
Mr. Markala was going with Apple. Allied Computer was a distributor for
Apple and we sold Apple II main boards before the plastic case was ready.
(It took several design iterations before the injection molds worked

One Saturday Chet came in with the first two Apple II computers built,
Serial number 1 and 2. He sold #1 to a friend of his and I took #2 home with
me. I hooked it up to our color TV and loaded various games. I showed the
system to friends for a week or so until the power supply died. It went back
to Apple and I never saw it again.

One of the customers at Allied Computer was Bill Kelly. He was working for
Regis McKenna Advertising on the Apple II introduction. He has a web page
that talks about the early days at Apple Computer.

Michael Holley
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