Apple II serial number 2000?

From: Eric Chomko <>
Date: Mon Dec 24 23:25:08 2001

Michael Holley wrote:

> The Apple II computers started at serial number #1. When I was going to the
> College of San Mateo in 1976 and 1977 I worked at a local computer store,
> Allied Computer, run by Chet Harris. The owner was trying to set up a chain
> like the Byte Shops and Computer Land. I got to meet some interesting people
> then, like a field trip to Bill Godbout's where we met Bill and George
> Morrow.

I.m pretty sure I sold the first Apple II computer in Virginia before
Computerland ever existed.
It was a demo. I suspect that if it wasn't a single digit SN, then it was a low
two digit SN.

I worked for a company called 'The Computer Systems Store' in McLean, VA. We
sold Commodore PETs and SOL 20s, 1976-1978. Computerland put us out of buisness.


> Chet had tried to interest Mike Markala in investing in his enterprise but
> Mr. Markala was going with Apple. Allied Computer was a distributor for
> Apple and we sold Apple II main boards before the plastic case was ready.
> (It took several design iterations before the injection molds worked
> correctly.)
> One Saturday Chet came in with the first two Apple II computers built,
> Serial number 1 and 2. He sold #1 to a friend of his and I took #2 home with
> me. I hooked it up to our color TV and loaded various games. I showed the
> system to friends for a week or so until the power supply died. It went back
> to Apple and I never saw it again.
> One of the customers at Allied Computer was Bill Kelly. He was working for
> Regis McKenna Advertising on the Apple II introduction. He has a web page
> that talks about the early days at Apple Computer.
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