DS5000/1xx & VS4000/60 memory specs

From: Peter C. Wallace <pcw_at_mesanet.com>
Date: Wed Dec 26 18:47:35 2001

On Wed, 26 Dec 2001, Doc Shipley wrote:

> I'm looking for detailed module specs for the vaxstation 4000, and
> probably for the decstation 5000/1xx.
> I have a pile of 32M modules that my supplier thought work in a vs4k,
> but they don't. While I can't find any references to the labeling,
> y'alls' best guess seems to be that they are ram for a decstation
> 5000/1xx. I'd like to find out if the difference is something that can
> be modified, to make them compatible with the VAX. Failing that, if I
> can verify that they really are DS modules, I can sell them.
> The SIMMs themselves are from several different lots, but the
> common label, which looks like a DEC/Compaq P/N to me, is 33522947-001.
> Lastly, what's a 32M SIMM worth? I've got a little over $25 each in
> these. If they're worth that, I'll convert or sell them, if not I'll
> return them as misrepresented.
> Doc

Dont know about the VS4000 but DS5000/1xx/xx modules only come in two
sizes, 2M and 8M. DS5000/2XX modules come in 32M size but they are not
SIMMS (they are large and have .1" female headers)

Peter Wallace
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