UnCursing the Darkness.

From: John Allain <allain_at_panix.com>
Date: Wed Dec 26 20:39:42 2001

It's a week after the solstice. It's dark. Light candles.

Pack-Rat tip:
I got some of those Christmas exterior 'rope lights'. They have
360 small bulbs in a 30' armored plastic tube. Seems a cheap
alternative for lighting your storage space.

I recently bought 2 each of all the white LED's that Jameco
sells. While *white*s are OT, they are nonetheless impressive.
The light density, efficiency, color, and longevity they have is
pretty amazing, to me anyway. Jameco rated them at 4 foot
candles at 20ma, which seemed a little 'opto'mistic.
I tried them out, and they reach near peak light at more like
180ma, getting just noticeaby warm. At 250ma they are
'uncomfortably' warm, hence question:
  Did they really mean 20ma? at that proportion they're
  putting out <10% peak, but 180ma is WAY above spec,
  Jameco's spec anyway. So I guess Jameco's wrong?
  Could I be loosing lifespan at this current? Maybe the
  not-too-warm test is good enough?

John A.
remember, I'm a software guy.
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