Try it!!!! (Was - Re: One More PCB Dishwasher Question)

From: Don Maslin <>
Date: Sat Dec 29 16:32:14 2001

On Sat, 29 Dec 2001, William Donzelli wrote:

> > But is not that change the same as going from COLD to HOT when you apply
> > power to the chip under normal operation of the computer?
> For the big stuff, sure. Not for the small stuff (glue, I/O, memory, and
> other stuff that does not suck much power).
> Here is a test. Boil some water in a big pot, as if you were to make
> pasta. Turn the gas off, let it cool just a few seconds, then dump all your
> favorite chips in. I am sure one will not comeout alive (or maybe crippled).

Scarcely a valid test. In the first place, the water temperature is
dramaticly higher than 145-160 degrees F and, in the second place,
dishwashers spray the hot water on their contents rather than submerge
                                                 - don

> William Donzelli
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