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> > > This is going back into a very fuzzy memory...but does anyone know if
> > > an Archive 2150S drive (QIC-150) will read QIC-24 tapes? Those drives
> > > are pretty common, and they're standard SCSI so they don't require
> > > less common interface hardware. And, I think I have one. :-)
> 2150S will read a QIC24 tape just fine.

Most any 60 meg, 150 meg and IIRC 525 meg drives will read QIC-24, Serial
Recorded Magnetic Tape Cartridge for Information Interchange (9 tracks,
10,000 FTPI, GCR, 60 MB)

Here is a link to the QIC Standards.

QUIC-02 & QIC-36 are interface standards and should not be confused with
QIC-24 which is a format for information interchange.

The QIC-02 interface 150 meg drive should work if you have a QIC-02
controller in your computer.

SCSI drives are easier. An Archive 2150S should work fine.

Astoria, OR
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