NEXT Color Printer find

From: Louis Schulman <>
Date: Sun Dec 30 15:07:22 2001

On 30 Dec 2001 00:13:27 -0500, Jeffrey H. Ingber wrote:

#Very interesting. Mine definitely has only 2 50-pin Centronics ports.
#The serial number is 00000078, and is an N2004. What makes this even
#more interesting is that NeXT's didn't have a parallel port (that I know
#There's an easy way to test if a) That's a parallel port, and b) it has
#an on-board PostScript processor. Just connect it to a PC and send some
#PostScript to the printer. That would make a nice inexpensive
#PostScript color printer if this works, as ink is still available.
Ok, here's the report. The printer works, and runs the self-test (in full color). Still has ink!

The 36-pin port is a parallel port, and does receive data from the PC. You select from SCSI/Parallel on an
LCD menu on the printer.

The printer did not understand PostScript. However, on the printer, there are a number of different "Modes"
and other options that are selectable, and without a manual, it isn't clear what they do. One could be
PostScript, I'll have to do some more tests. But plain ascii sent from the PC worked fine.

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