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From: Jeff Hellige <>
Date: Sun Dec 30 16:40:05 2001

>The printer did not understand PostScript. However, on the printer,
>there are a number of different "Modes"
>and other options that are selectable, and without a manual, it
>isn't clear what they do. One could be
>PostScript, I'll have to do some more tests. But plain ascii sent
>from the PC worked fine.

        From a recent post in COMP.SYS.NEXT.HARDWARE, here is some
additional info on the printer:

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From: (William F. Adams)
Date: 28 Dec 2001 21:12:04 GMT
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Organization: AOL
Subject: Re: Wanted: NeXT Color Printer
Message-ID: <>

``sales'' asked:
>Wanted to buy: NeXT Color Printer. Also want information on this
>printer. - Specifications

It's a re-badged Canon BJC-800/820 with SCSI connector and logic board for
same. CMYK, 360 x 360 dpi. Apple also licensed this design as the Apple Color
Printer, and Lexmark sold it as the 4079

At one time, Canon Japan had a NeXTstep driver for the BJC-800/20 on their FTP

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