Nomenclature (was: NEXT Color Printer find

From: John Allain <>
Date: Mon Dec 31 10:40:09 2001

There's always a place for the person who knows the correct
and exact answer to something. (It just may not be where you
are at that moment <g>) I for one don't get too bent out of shape
when people can't speak our brand of "Doctor's Latin". "Fifty pin
Centronics style" communicates the point to more people than
the "Latin". Be ready to adapt to the audience.

There was a story on NPR about the people who re-create
revolutionary and civil war battles as a hobby. Some of them
are sticklers to the point where they get pissed when someone
shows up with modern eyeglasses or cotton instead of wool
clothing, etc. They called them "Farby's" for the phrase "Far be
it for me to judge".

John A.
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