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From: Eric Dittman <>
Date: Mon Dec 31 11:47:11 2001

> There's always a place for the person who knows the correct
> and exact answer to something. (It just may not be where you
> are at that moment <g>) I for one don't get too bent out of shape
> when people can't speak our brand of "Doctor's Latin". "Fifty pin
> Centronics style" communicates the point to more people than
> the "Latin". Be ready to adapt to the audience.

There was a recent thread on the linux-kernel mailing list about
changing all references to KB, MB, etc. to the new standard KiB,
MiB, etc. Some people were for the change, since the new names
are unambiguous, while others think it is kind of ridiculous for
a third-party to change the definitions that have been accepted
for years. I'm in the camp that 1KB of RAM is 1024B, and 1MB of
hard drive is 1024*1024B. That's what they've meant for years,
and the hard drive manufacturers playing with specs and getting
the public thinking 1MB=1000*1024B is not a good reason to change.

I'm not pedantic, though. While I use "Ethernet", I don't get
bent out of shape when people use "ethernet".
Eric Dittman
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