Apple 2gs boards, what are they?

From: Rich Beaudry <>
Date: Mon Dec 31 14:04:14 2001

>The other is from Apple but I don't know what it is. It has a cable
>off the back to a 25 pin connector. On the board is "Apple
>Computer 820-0153-A" Over one set of chips it says something
>about "sandwich II". I don't know any of the chips on it (never was
>great at IDing more than a handful of chips). Could post pics if it
>would help.

This is an Apple High-Speed SCSI card. Allows you to hook up an external
SCSI-1 device to the IIgs. A bit finicky (termination power, and some other
gotchas), but works mighty nice when you get it all set up right. I believe
it will also work on the IIe as well. See Rubywand's faqs
( in general, and for SCSI specifically) for
more details...

If you have no need of it, I can certainly use it in my IIgs...

Rich B.
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