Apple 2gs boards, what are they?

From: David Williams <>
Date: Mon Dec 31 16:49:29 2001

> This is an Apple High-Speed SCSI card. Allows you to hook up an
> external SCSI-1 device to the IIgs. A bit finicky (termination power,
> and some other gotchas), but works mighty nice when you get it all set
> up right. I believe it will also work on the IIe as well. See
> Rubywand's faqs (
> in general, and for
> SCSI specifically) for more details...

Great! I was hoping that's what this was. I just wasn't sure. I've
had a need for one for ages now. I'll go check those links as the
next step is figuring out how to use it. I guess this and the
memory card make it worth picking up the system.

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