Compaticard (was: Any AMIGA users?

From: Fred Cisin <>
Date: Mon Dec 31 18:16:40 2001

> > Yes. It's a very nice 765 implementation. It can handle single density
> > (I don't know off-hand whether they used a 37C65, or added extra logic),
> > can handle 4 drives, can operate at other addresses to permit use as a
> > second controller, etc.
> > But it's still a 765. As such, it can not do GCR, can't do hard sectors,
> > can't do MFM without WD style sector headers (AMIGA!), and can't even do
> > some WD MFM formats that start the first sector too early.
> > Allison could tell you EXACTLY what its capabilities and limitations are.
On Mon, 31 Dec 2001, Don Maslin wrote:
> Fred, though I have never seen one, I have heard that they made some of
> the CCIVs with the National Semi FDC chips that were a bit more flexible
> than the 765.

But those are still 765s, with the same basic capabilities and
limitations. The added flexibility might help with the "first sector"
issue, but it absolutely will NOT provide the RAW track read that would be
needed for reading Amiga, GCR, etc.
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