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Kilobaud and Microcomputing were two separate magazines from different
publishers, but they never merged. "Kilobaud Microcomputing" was always the
title of the publication. I worked for the publisher, Wayne Green, who was
one of the people who started BYTE. When his ex-wife took over BYTE, Wayne
started Kilobaud.


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> > I don't know if the article you are looking for is in Kilobaud, but I
> > worshiped that mag back then and it predates Byte by a few years. In
> > I think it Became Byte.
> Not true on either count. Byte started at issue #1 in September, 1975.
> Kilobaud Microcomputing started at the end of 1976 or beginning of 1979.
> I don't have the issues in front of me to check but I believe this is
> where you got it mixed up with Byte. Kilobaud and Microcomputing were
> seperate mags that merged at some point.
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