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From: Michael Nadeau <menadeau_at_mediaone.net>
Date: Thu Feb 1 13:32:40 2001

Well, the last editorial he ever wrote for the IDG publications was pulled
entirely. He was quite bitter at the time because by then he had become
associated with the magazines he founded in name only. He sent the same
editorial to all the magazines, and it managed to insult every class of
computer user--Commodore, Radio Shack, Apple, etc. I don't recall the
specifics, but I think I still have a copy somewhere.

Wayne never complained about us pulling the more inflammatory stuff. I think
it became a sport for him to see what he could get by his editors.


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> On Thu, 1 Feb 2001, Michael Nadeau wrote:
> > One of my first jobs working for Wayne was editing those editorials--a
> > the rest of the staff was happy to hand off. You should have seen some
> > the stuff that never saw print.
> Such as...?
> :)
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