Needed: 4 - 4meg 72pin non-parity SIMMs

From: Iggy Drougge <>
Date: Thu Feb 1 17:01:13 2001

Douglas Quebbeman skrev:

>> >Actually that's later Macs. The earliest that do have 72 pin simms I
>> >can think of is LC III w/ 8MB which I have learning against TV stand
>> >to be used w/ BSD if I can not find 68882 rated for 25mhz FPU to use
>> >68k-linux because I don't wish to buy apple's 7.1 for it.
>> But why exactly OS 7.1? After all, you may download 7.5 for free from
>> as well as earlier versions. All save for 7.1.

>There are *updates* to 7.5 (like 7.5.1, etc) that are freely
>available from Apple's sites, but I've never seen 7.5 itself
>freely available for download.

I only have a direct link to the Swedish version of 7.5.3, but there are a lot
of English versions. Let me have a look.
Hmm, here is a truncated link to version 7.0.1: ...
Ah yes, here is 7.5.3:

It's just a matter of looking around, or perhaps reading Pickle's classic Mac
FAQ. Try to have a look at

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