EPSON HC-41 mystery solved...

From: Sue & Francois <>
Date: Thu Feb 1 23:18:16 2001

Hi all,
I got today an EPSON HX-40. it looks exactly like the HC-41 that I've been
wondering about.
It seems like the hc-41 is a OEM'd version of the HX-40 with a different
The HC-41 I have was used to control a CNC machine of some sort.
Pretty cool....
PS: I also scored a TRS80 100, a pair of COCO joystics a lisa mouse new in
the box and a bunch of magazines: popular electronics Nov 1975 with an
article about the Altair 680 and a bunch of Remark (one with the
introduction of the hero 2000)
Oh and a diagnostic cart for the COCO too.
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