[SunRescue] PDP 11/34 in Twin Cities <fwd>

From: John Honniball <John.Honniball_at_uwe.ac.uk>
Date: Fri Feb 2 07:12:01 2001

Here's a note that I spotted on the Sun Rescue mailing list:

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All who are interested in DEC,

The local Lockheed/Unisys surplus store has a PDP 11/34 available. It's part
of a "Dicomed" system that was apparently used to create microfiche
film/prints- there's a bunch of stuff like cameras, etc that are with it.

I don't know much about this vintage of DEC, but there's an 11/34, 3 DEC
disk packs (19" by approx 12") a DecWriter, a 9 track tape drive and all the
film crap, housed in approx 3-4 5 foot racks.

Apparently it was all in working order when it was pulled- they outsourced
the film biz. The guy at the warehouse knows nothing about it beyond that.
When I asked him what he wanted for it, he just said it would go "cheap". I
would guess a couple hundred bucks would get you the whole shootin' match.
The more you take, I'm sure the cheaper it would get. <grin>

If anyone wants more info, let me know, and I can pass on contact info.



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