Needed: 4 - 4meg 72pin non-parity SIMMs

From: Douglas Quebbeman <>
Date: Fri Feb 2 10:45:15 2001

> > Everything else that's available is an UPDATE, and CAN NOT
> > be used for a fresh install. You can't, for example, install
> > System 7.5.3 on a Macintosh UNLESS it already has 7.5 or 7.5.1.
> Not true, you can use it for 7.1 systems, *or* download the Network Access
> disk to bring up a system with *no* System Folder on the HD, and then
> start the installation.

Since 7.1 was also a commercial release, that's not a surprise, but
in that scenario, we're back to having to start with a purchased
product and then upgrade it.

But I confess I know nothing about this Network Access disk,
and find it strange that Apple would let that one slip out
the door...

Or is this Network Access disk a third-party thing?

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