Shugart SA850/851 8" floppy drive

From: Kuse, Dan <>
Date: Fri Feb 2 12:25:23 2001

We have a collection of test programs stored on 8" floppies which were part
of a Fairchild F70
PCB tester. We're trying to convert them to be read by a PC.
        A field Eng. from Schumberger (who took over the Fairchild tester
line) tells me the
8" drive was a Shugart SA850/851.
        We need to know the format information. We have a couple of old 8"
drives, but can't seem to make out the format. I noticed in one of the
emails that you mentioned a SA850 manual.
        Does the manual contain information regarding the disk format? If
so, is there anyway
we could get a copy of the manual?
        Any information you could give would appreciated.

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