OT question: Military collectors?

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Date: Fri Feb 2 18:25:17 2001

> At the moment, I have a bit of an identity crisis going on.
> I'm Navy working on an Air Force base and am supposed to be working
> supply but currently work for the IS Dept. because they needed
> another person, especially one with Mac skills. Just 3 more years
> and I can 'retire' from Navy life and move on! I know i've seen at
> least one other .MIL address post to this list at some point though.
> Jeff

Sounds like you've got the good life at the moment! Don't you just love how
the Navy did away with the DP rating? Do any of them )*#$ _at_$(&% RM's have a
clue about computers (not counting the ex-Data Processing Tech's)?

> P.S. what's your background since you obviously know something about
> Navy rates?

How about EM3(SW) at the end of 4 years, and DP1(SW) at the end of 10 years.
Got out in late '96 when they decided to make me a (*&^* _at_)($& Radioman!

BTW, since when is a SH (which I'm assuming is what you are) called
something as polite as a "Box Kicker"? Now I know the Navy's gotten to
blasted PC!

For an on-topic note, you ever get to play with SNAP II (the Harris Mini)?
When I was an EM3 I was one of the few people on the ship that knew how it
worked, and was able to do stuff like backups and reboot it after it crashed
(I also had OS level access). Very cool system. SNAP I on the other hand
(Honeywell DPS-6's running GCOS-6) was not what I'd call a cool system.

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