Umm. My ftp server (Wedding)

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Date: Fri Feb 2 19:21:34 2001

I've been running my AMD k6-3/400 at 450mhz for several months. Recently
it has been bombing frequently in really nasty ways. I've unbumped the
processor and all is well.

In that time I observed a fair amount of ftp activity coinciding with my
invitation to download our wedding video. I'm sorry that the logs show
many failures but the problem is resolved. The video subsystem is the part
that kept breaking which explains why the problem was difficult to track

During this time, the system would sustain high-output downloads nicely,
but slower, variable geometry downloads from folks with modems would tax
the system and cause a thermal overload. After testing I discovered that
any demanding task would reproduce this failure.

Please FTP to and try again with our thanks and my personal
assurance that this problem is not likely to recur.



Jeffrey S. Worley
Complete Computer Services, Inc.
30 Greenwood Rd.
Asheville, NC 28803
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