Brag Brag Brag

From: Sue & Francois <>
Date: Sat Feb 3 10:14:30 2001

Hi all
I went back to the place where I got the HX-40 and got...
An HP 150 II
a PET 4016
a Kaypro 2X
a busted TRS8- 100 but with a good screen so I can fix the one from
a printer for the TI 59
Books Books and more books
a number of sextan magazine
An IBM AT Keyboard with unusual color (Brown and the IBM logo is Black)
Various Atari Joysticks and softwares
an ET 3300 unbuilt (not quite the 3400 but good anyway)
Lots of miscelaneous odds and ends like a sperry univac front pannel

I'm going back for a few Z100 and MAC stuff that I have not yet started to
look at
They also had a Compaq portable II with the cloth carrying bag, load of
printers and monitors
What looks like a PDP 11 clone, bunch od apple II cales new in the box and
super serial cards never opened. Terminals, VAX 3100, some SUN stuff.

That's all I can remember for now.

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