uVAX II Memory Board

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Date: Sat Feb 3 16:49:48 2001

>If I remember correctly, the Pentium came out around 1993, about four
>years after the 486 came out around 1989. If the engineering, design
>technical capability that led to the Pentium had been around in 1980,
>technical superiority that the PDP-11 enjoyed over the PC might have
>pushed DEC hard enough to upgrade the PDP-11 systems.

Ah, is that hit on the head healing or is the ethanol talking... DEC did
improve the PDP-11. Back in the 70s they created the VAX and just
when pentium getting remotely close there was Alpha.

>For commercial systems, operation at the high end can also be
>compared in favour of E11. With a fast Pentium III and E11,
>running PDP-11 software is less expensive and faster than with
>the fastest PDP-11 hardware.

E11 may be good and all but it runs on PCs and their record for
is not that of a native PDP-11... yet!

>But back to my original question and Zane's response plus the low
>price of memory. Might it be possible to design and produce a
>Qbus board which uses memory as the disk and have an interface
>like the HD: on E11 rather than MSCP? Considering that from
>the lack of a response on my original question in regard to the
>use of the 8 MByte of memory, it may be just as easy to start
>from scratch. By the way, on the "Full" commercial E11, the
>command is: "MOUNT HD0: RAM:/SIZE:bytes"
>and HD0: can be replaced by any of the emulated drives as well.

Nonrotataing didks for PDP-11s are really old news, seems EMC
and AMPEX were names I remember.

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