Amiga development (was: uVAX II Memory Board)

From: Jeff Hellige <>
Date: Sun Feb 4 11:33:13 2001

>Jeff Hellige wrote:
>> Then you didn't even have to stick with DF0: or HD0:, you could refer
>> to it interchangably using it's volume label as well.
>That is good and bad. I've known people who would called their partition
>Games: instead of DH2:. It confuses some software when you don't stick to
>the logical 3 letter device name.

        I generally named my partitions after the manufacturer of the
drive and never had any problems using either the 3 letter device
name or the volume label interchangably. I did this because I
generally had at least one external SCSI drive hanging off my A3000
and A4000, an IBM 0661 2gig drive. I've had this thing for about 7
years now, connected to anything you could think of that might have a
SCSI interface and it's still going strong. Both my A3000/4000 were
running under OS 3.1. I had pre-order OS 3.5 prior to deciding to
sell my A4000.

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