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From: Sue & Francois <>
Date: Sun Feb 4 19:28:04 2001

> I don't know about "Sextan", but I'd sure like to take a peek between the
> covers of an issue :)
Actually being in CA you have a better chance of seing one than I do here in
> If you're talking about Sextant, I'll check my pile at some point and see
> what I have. I know I have a complete run.
Please do...
I went back today and got 5 Z100 (enough to make 3) one of them is the
integrated one with monitor and HD supposed to boot some flavor of DOS.
Also got the Tech reference for the Z-100.
Grabbed a few LCD displays for the Apple portable, zenith supersport and
toshiba something...
Got more manuals too for zenith.
Oh and an HP plotter 7475A with manual and loads of pens (see if they work)

Also got a "RARE L_at__at_K spectrum era" popular electronics introducing the
I guess that's better than no popular electronics at all.

Now I relly have space problems: I HAVE TO clean BOTH my office and the
familly room BEFORE next week end ouch!

Best week-end I've had in a while (computer and hobby wyse that is ;-) ).

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