C64 question

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Date: Mon Feb 5 14:18:49 2001

If you are looking for C64 and 128 programs, contact me offlist. I bought a
complete C128 system and it came with about 300 floppies. They are all
labeled and I am sure they would all work, but since I'm an apple user, I
never got a round tuit. You could borrow them and make copies/archive them

david   +-+-     www.nothingtodo.org
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<< >Okay, I picked up quite a haul for $20:
 Lucky Dog! :-)
 >Now the question is, where on earth will I find some key
 >programs -- mostly games (after all, games were its specialty!)
 >but I REALLY want a 6502 assembler like Merlin, and to find
 >connectors to fit the cartridge slot to hang some custom hardware
 >off of and develop driver code for.  I'll be careful. :)
 www.cmdweb.com -- They are a commercial outfit that sells lots of Commodore
 >And if I find it somewhere on the 'net, how to get it into
 >the C64?  Has anyone solved that one? >>
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