Amiga Unix (was: Amiga development)

From: Bill Pechter <>
Date: Tue Feb 6 10:18:43 2001

> Will Jennings skrev:
> >Is it a definite that AMIX would be on tape? I seem to remember seeing it at
> >a local Commodore/Amiga place, thought it was foppies though.. If anyone
> >cares, I can go look.. I'm sure it would still be there, as the guy who runs
> >it actually appreciates history and won't sell anything he has only one
> >of... But he does make copies hehe
> Please do look.
> BTW, what is AT&T's stance on SVR4? I doubt they treat it as "abandonware",
> though I suppose legacy UNIX customers would be more fickle than IBM or DEC
> users could afford to be.
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The folks who OWN the rights to SVR4 is SCO -- and soon will be
Caldera. Perhaps they might be able to do something nice like SCO did
to the early pre SysV stuff.

I think, because the stuff only runs on Amiga you'd need whoever has the
Commodore rights to AMIX as well as SCO/Caldera to allow it to be copied
or put on the web.


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