3w3 to bnc video connection

From: Richard Erlacher <edick_at_idcomm.com>
Date: Tue Feb 6 13:59:49 2001

Yes, it's probably as reliable as it gets. That's how they got away with
much of what they did with hardware. It was always well tested and proven
since it was often generatons out of date when first introduced by DEC. I
guess you have to appreciate their determination not to take chances on YOUR

If the cable is already BNC's at the monitor end, then it's easy enough to
remove the offending connector from the video card if one doesn't want to
buy the required mating connector, which may cost up to $100 or so. It can
then be replaced with something, perhaps no connector at all, or perhaps
preferably, a common connector with the same shell size, onto which one can
ultimately plug a backshell/strain-relief and a mate, to which which the
three 75-ohm cables can be soldered. It might be beneficial to fill the
backshell with Silastic or hot-glue to serve as a strain relief for the
associated coax cables. This can be done VERY neatly if one is willing to
take the pains. If it's thought desirable to reopen the assembly at some
future date, it would be wise to coat the inside of the backshell with shoe
wax to prevent the glue from adhering.

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> >
> > It is a really quick and dirty solution, if you've already got the 3 BNC
> > cables. 9 pieces of shrink tubing and 15 seconds for each of 6 solder
> > joints and one's on his way.
> >
> > However, I get the impression that the 3 BNC's are not the problem.
> The BNC end is surely the easy end to do. BNC plugs are available just
> about anywhere.
> > Probably the most sensible thing to do is to remove the cable from the
> > monitor and replace it with a common and ubiquitous cable that can be
> I'd assumed that the person wanted to make a cable to use a 'normal'
> monitor with some DEC workstation or other. In fact, IIRC, the DEC colour
> monitors for these machines had BNC inputs anyway (only). The 3W3
> connector was on the workstation's graphic card. So a DEC monitor, used
> on it's 'native' machine, would need this cable.
> > and replaced as needed. If DEC made it it's probably designed to be
> > and obtrusive anyway.
> Expensive, sure, but well made and reliable in my experience.
> -tony
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