OT question: Military collectors?

From: David Vohs <netsurfer_x1_at_hotmail.com>
Date: Tue Feb 6 18:52:06 2001

Sorry, I haven't heard anything about that. But as far as I can guess, they
probably got rid of it a long time ago. My guess is that we now use
something similar to that, only it's all digital now. I can say this because
the Navy likes to be as state of the art as humanly possible.

>Someone once told me about a huge, gymnasium-sized analog battle >simulator
>somewhere in Groton. It apparently used small replicas of >ships that were
>attached to wires or something and moved around the >"ocean". The display
>was a periscope that came up through the floor and >you practiced firing
>away at the ships.
>Might you know if this is still in operation?
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