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From: Michael Kukat <>
Date: Wed Feb 7 00:19:03 2001

Hi !

On Tue, 6 Feb 2001, Chuck McManis wrote:
> Can anyone tell me where pin one of the DALLAS real time clock module
> should point when installed on a 4000/60 main board ? This is the leading
> culprit in my dead 4000/60 but I'm not sure I recall how to place it back,
> and while it seems like the socket indicates one way, its not clear that is
> the correct way. Thanks,

You _ALWAYS_ install integrated circuits in DIL-cases with Pin 1 (marked by a
dot, a flatted edge, or a notch in the chip) to the notch in the socket. If
there is no notch in the socket (never seen such), you can look at the
solder pads on the board, pin 1 usually differs from the rest. So, if all
pads are sqare pads, pin 1 is round or vice versa.


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