Searching for PS/2-E (9533-DB7) reference diskette

From: Joe <>
Date: Wed Feb 7 09:40:43 2001


   Have you tried FTP'ing into IBM's site? I've had a lot better luck
finding stuff that way than by using HTTP and a browser. I can't find the
address that I used but I started with the same site that their webpage
directs you to.


At 09:37 PM 5/10/00 -0500, you wrote:
>Have you tried IBM in Germany they still list most of the older set-up and
>reference disk that IBM here the States no longer store on their web site ?
>I have use it to download a few disk for my old ps/2's. Good Luck John
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>Subject: Searching for PS/2-E (9533-DB7) reference diskette
>> I know it's not _quite_ 10 years old, but it's getting there. The
>> of attraction has worked and my IBM quad-PCMCIA card has attracted a
>> of hosts - a PS/2-E that it originally came out of. I have been to the
>> support site - no concrete references to the PS-2/E. I have located
>> diskettes for all sorts of IBM-brand products, but not the 9533. It's
>> distinguishing features include a low-power design with one ISA slot for
>> quad-PCMCIA card to minimize peripheral draw. Additionally, it uses a
>> laptop disk (120Mb) and only has one serial port. As shipped from IBM,
>> was an LCD panel for a monitor, but I've never seen that part in person,
>> in old ads.
>> Does anyone have a disk image they can ship me, or a pointer to an image
>> somewhere? I'm thinking of turning this into a router box. I have the
>> PCMCIA NICs to do it with.
>> Thanks,
>> -ethan
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