Question for the HPUX guys

From: Bob Brown <>
Date: Wed Feb 7 13:58:21 2001

You CAN get gnu-CC on hpux without a compiler..look at hpux public domain
sites for the downloadable depot.

Should be easy to install on 10.20 w/swinstall.


>>There is a ODE (offline diagnostic env) program called COPYUTIL
>I'm not familiar with COPYUTIL and don't recall seeing in on the
>10.20 CD. I'll have another look.
>I've already made a TAR of the entire file system onto tape so, it
>should be possible to recover almost any files that might get hosed.
>Of course in order to UN-TAR those files, the system has got to be
>up and running.
>Unfortunately, HPUX does not support IGNITE and from what I can
>tell, the 8.0 version of SAM won't allow me to create a bootable
>I have searched and there's lots of info for 10.20 and
>11.00 but, nothing that goes back to 8.0.
>OK... Here's another possibility...
>What if I make a bootable disk using IGNITE 10.20 (I have a second
>832 running 10.20), mount the disk, and then UN-TAR everything from
>tape on to that disk?
>NOTE: The biggest reason for not upgrading to 10.20 is that I don't
>have the ANSI C compiler for 10.20. There's plenty of downloadable
>software available but, virtually none of it will run without
>compiling first. It's a real catch-22 situation. You gotta have the
>C compiler in order to compile a C compiler like GCC. If I'm not
>mistaken, HP lists the compiler for $1595.
>I do have the ANSI C compiler for 8.0 so, it's a lot easier to get
>software to run on that box.
>Anyone know of an alternate source for the compiler?
>Thanks Steve,
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