Question for the HPUX guys

From: Steve Robertson <>
Date: Wed Feb 7 16:31:07 2001

>For the original poster, if you're trying to improve your skills on HP-UX
>you're best off running the same version you're running at work. HP seems
>to like to make fairly major changes between versions.

I suppose almost any flavor of UNIX would be OK for improving one's skills
and if that were the only goal, I'd probably just fire up one of my Linux
boxes. I guess I could use an old 386/Linux box and fulfill my classic
collecting urges at the same time... Naw... A big ol honkin 9000 with 3
racks full of disks and twin 9-track tape drives is a whole lot cooler...

Shame I live in South Florida, I'm sure you guys that live in more northern
climates could use the extra heat I'm generating :-)

See Ya, Steve

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