C64 question

From: Cameron Kaiser <spectre_at_stockholm.ptloma.edu>
Date: Wed Feb 7 19:39:51 2001

> > The 64 and VIC would have had a faster drive if it wern't for the
> > cables and the chip problems...
> You mean if it wasn't for poor engineering and stupid marketing decisions.
> Now I know why I laughed at Commodore owners all those years ;)

Elitist. :-P

Since my Power Mac 7300's HD had a serious mechanical failure this morning,
I am now back on the 128D's console. Feels good to have " on SHIFT-2 ...
doesn't feel good to realise that the $130 I paid for that drive is wasted,
along with 4MB of irreplaceable data (the CD-RW burner I bought for backups
ironically will arrive sometime next week).

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