Osbourne computer question

From: Jeff Hellige <jhellige_at_earthlink.net>
Date: Thu Feb 8 16:24:18 2001

> What was the first model Osboune computer that was manufactured? I
>picked up two Osbournes today, one is a model OCC-1 but the other doesn't
>have a model number. It just says Osbourne 1 on the side of the case. The
>O-1 has a permanently attached power cord instead of a detachable one and
>there's no door over the compartment were the power cord attaches. The
>compartment is also much shallower on the O-1.

        The one that says 'Osborne' on the side of the case is the
later variety with the more rigid case, which should be a more
standard beige or similar color. The other should have a more yellow
colored case and would be the original model. It's case isn't quite
as sturdy. It did have a cover over where the power cord coils into
but it was totally detachable. It more or less just snapped into
place vice the hinged variety of the later models.

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