C64 question

From: Jeff Hellige <jhellige_at_earthlink.net>
Date: Thu Feb 8 17:01:06 2001

>Cameron Kaiser skrev:
>>Since my Power Mac 7300's HD had a serious mechanical failure this morning,
>>I am now back on the 128D's console. Feels good to have " on SHIFT-2 ...
>" is on shift-2 on all my Macs. =)

        On any Macs with an extended keyboard or similar, SHIFT-2
should be the _at_. The " is SHIFT-' right next to the enter key. With
my TRS-80 Model 2000, the US keyboard has the _at_ on SHIFT-2 as well,
but with the International keyboard it is " as you describe. I've
yet to get any good information on just where the International
keyboard was sold though, as it's a bit different in key layout, as
well as the number of keys.

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