[OT] SCSI termination trouble?

From: Cameron Kaiser <spectre_at_stockholm.ptloma.edu>
Date: Thu Feb 8 20:35:20 2001

This is definitely Off-Topic -- however, I'm absolutely baffled by this and
I'm sure there's a SCSI expert out there somewhere.

Like I said, the Seagate in my Power Mac 7300 overheated and is now making
unpleasant grinding noises instead of booting. I got the old Quantum
Fireball I used before out of the stock closet and plugged that in to try
to boot back up again. However, the 7300 won't see any HD's I plug in. I
tried it on the SCSI bus with just the hard drive by itself and no other
devices, and it still doesn't see it. But if I hook the CD-ROM up (by
itself or even with the HDs), it does see that -- but no HD. I'm sure
it's not the cable (I've tried two and same results).

I thought it might be a termination problem, but when I take the drive
over to the IIci and plug it in, it mounts it fine. Obviously doesn't boot
too well off MacOS 8.6, but if I boot the IIci off floppy and have it look
at the hard drive, it does see all the files. No changes to jumpers. And,
like on the 7300, the HD was the only drive except for the floppy on the ci's
SCSI when I tested it.

What gives? Is something fried on the 7300? Or am I missing some elementary
rule about SCSI termination? The HD is a Quantum Fireball and its termination
jumper is on, ID 0 (the CD-ROM is ID 4).

Advice appreciated, flames borne with sheepish dignity. Sorry about the OT,
but just to make this mildly on-topic, I did type this on the C128! :-)

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