Sam on HP-UX and 8.0 backup update

From: Steve Robertson <>
Date: Fri Feb 9 07:31:01 2001

Actually, I haven't had any bad experiences with SAM on HP-UX 8 , yet. It
doesn't do as much as the 10.20 version but, for routine tasks it seems to
work OK. It's certainly MUCH faster than 10.20 version on the same hardware.

UPDATE: I tried to do a ODE -> backup, using my 10.20 IPR disk but was not
successful. I tried to backup to tape (DAT and Reel) and tried to copy to
another set of disks. Each time, the system reported that there wasn't
enough memory to perform the operation. Bummer :-(

Currently, the machine has 32MB of memory. I assume this should be plenty?

Once or twice, I've had an unexpected failure on that box and had assumed
that I was screwing something up. Maybe I've just got a bad memory card.
This weekend, I'll try swapping cards between the two 832's and see if I can
find the problem.

Is there a HPUX or ODE utility for testing memory?

I've got a bunch of spare memory modules that I canabalized from another
system. Most are 8MB although I do have some other sizes as well. What are
the rules for installing memory? Can the memory go in any of the slots? Can
I mix 4MB and 8MB cards?

Thanks for the help, Steve

>From: Bill Pechter <>
>Subject: Sam on HP-UX. Ugh
>Date: Thu, 8 Feb 2001 21:13:06 -0500 (EST)
> > Bill Pechter wrote:
> >
> > > I know Sam was in HP-UX8... I think it may have even been in 7.x.
> >
> > SAM on 8 is evil! Every time I run it, and do anything relating to
>filesystems, it locks the entire box. Run screaming!
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