From: Dave McGuire <mcguire_at_neurotica.com>
Date: Fri Feb 9 17:35:32 2001

On February 9, Richard Erlacher wrote:
> There are many dozens of USB-dedicated microcontrollers by now. Intel has a
> bunch, Cypress has a bunch ... Siemens has a bunch ... Philips has a bunch
> ... I could go on ...

  Microchip recently announced a PIC with a USB interface. I really
like PICs...now I'm gonna put USB in EVERYTHING! Muahhahahaaa!! 8-)

> These devices swap larger intelligence, bought at the price of silicon
> (about $3/lbincluding packaging, etc.), for interconnection uniformity.
> There's enough intelligence at the computer end to figure out what it is and
> how to talk to it, and there's enough intelligence at the device end to
> communicate in a regular way so that the system to which it's attached will
> be able to figure out who/what it is. This is what they're giving us in
> place of those expansion slots that newer PC's haven't got anymore.

  Well put.

   -Dave McGuire
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