Holy Crap! IMSAI's weren't this expensive when new!

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Date: Fri Feb 9 20:12:48 2001

Maybe I'm poking my nose where I shouldn't be...this is a bio on the buyer.

George Cacioppo
Vice President and General Manager
Adobe Systems, Inc.

George Cacioppo is Vice President and General Manager of the Enterprise
Product Division at Adobe Systems Incorporated in San Jose, California.
George's organization is reponsible for the development of the Acrobat and
Framemaker products and the development of solutions targeting Enterprise
information and communications needs. Until recently, George was responsible
for the design, introduction, and development of Adobe's architecture for
production printing, known as Adobe PostScript Extreme. Its use of Acrobat
technology is enabling the industry to move from the traditional "Print and
Distribute" workflows to "Distribute and Print" electronic workflows. George
joined Adobe in 1992. Previously he was an engineering manager at Digital
Equipment Corporation in Maynard, Massachusetts.

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>$5,100 was the final bid. I wonder if it was actually consumated?
>Sellam Ismail Vintage Computer


The feedback says the deal was done.

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