SCSI trouble on a MicroVAX IIGPX

From: ajp166 <>
Date: Fri Feb 9 22:07:21 2001

From: Iggy Drougge <>
>> of the interface to the media. It allows a MFM , EIDE or SCSI disk
>> to look and work the same to the OS.
>Doesn't it on all platforms? I'm not certain about PC circumstances,
>though. =)

Compared MSCP IDE is primitive.

>I inserted the card in the same slot it was in before removal, but could
>it have been inserted the wrong way?

Well if the componenets are oriented like the rest of the boards you have
it right.
you sure it's pushed all the way in? Are you sure you didn't move it
down one
or over (across)? Did you insure you didn't accidently pull another card
and not insert it all the way? Did you move and jumpers, switches

It you flipped it over the all important smoke will escape and then you
have problems.
It's pretty hard to do that.

>I don't suppose it would matter on which connector on the SCSI cable
>the RZ55 was connected?

Not likely, assuming all the connectors were in good shape.

>Hm, that depends on your background. ^_^;;

As non PC minicomputers and workstations go it is.

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