Memorex 2374-81R

From: Rodrigo Ventura <>
Date: Sat Feb 10 15:58:03 2001

        Hi. I've just bought this box, Memorex 2374-81R, at a local
junkyard, without having the faintest idea of what it was. A white
box, with a 3.5in floppy, several BNC connectors at the back, and two
RS-232 DB25 connectors. Well, at that time I suspected it was some
kind of networking device, e.g. ethernet router? (<-- wishful
thinking) hub? switch?

        After a google search I found out it is some kind of TELEX
machine. It came with a floppy (damaged) with a label on it saying
"CORREEIROS SYSTEM-EDS" (correeiros is a mispelling of "correios"
which means the main snail-mail enterprise in portugal). It makes
sense to me that post-offices could use telex.

        I want all information I can get about this machine, and telex
technology in general. I'd be much appreciated for any links anyone
could send me.

        Thank you.


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