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Date: Sun Feb 11 14:16:34 2001

> Boy, I wish Okidata was as good on documentation for their printers. I
> picked up an OL400E LED Page printer and I cannot even find a meaningful
> FAQ on it!
> - don

If you need to know how to set it up via menu, I can help. I have
OL400 as well and I displore it! The drum itself cost 200, toner
tube cost 20 or so. That drum is good for appox 3 to 5 tubes worth
before drum goes bad. HP of most laser printers costs 50-70 on
either new or rebuilt cartidges and lasts as long or better than as
that toner tube in okidata's or brother's.

That OL400 that slowly digests data and spits out printouts is under
bed waiting to be tossed. Nothing wrong with it, just the drum.
Now using HP DJ 560 w/ refilled cartidge, kit still have 5 fills
left to go. Cheap but cheapest in long run is HP laserjet series.

You can also do the drum rebuild with new drum and few parts for
appox 60 yourslf. Needs hepa face mask (trust me, that toner dust is
very easy to float free no matter what. Got black snot and short
term sneezing fits. And old clothes, surgical gloves and large
plastic drop sheet. Simply avoid this fuss with that bastard okidata
and brother type, buy HP laser.


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